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Emma Bridgewater Halloween Extra Large Rectangular Tin

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Emma Bridgewater Vegetable Garden Square Caddy

  • Square caddy in Emma Bridgewater Vegetable Garden design
  • Length 11.5cm, width 11.5cm, height 15cm
  • From Elite Tins
£7.99 Add to basket

Thornback & Peel Rabbit & Cabbage Deep Rectangular Tin

  • Deep rectangular tin in Thornback & Peel design
  • Length 19.5cm, width 15.5cm, depth 7cm
  • From Elite Tins
£7.99 Add to basket

Anchovies Tin by Rex London

  • Quirky pink anchovies design tin
  • Length 10cm, Width 6.5cm, Height 3cm
  • Great for storing small bits and bobs
  • From Rex London (26356)
£3.95 Read more

Thornback & Peel Blackbird & Bramble Long Rectangle Tin

  • Long rectangle tin in Thornback & Peel design
  • Length 24cm, width 10cm, depth 8cm
  • From Elite Tins
£7.99 Add to basket

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Long Rectangular Tin

  • Long rectangular tin in Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot design
  • Length 24cm, Width 10cm, Height 7.5cm
  • From Elite Tins
£7.99 Add to basket

Alice Scott ‘Best In Show’ Tin

  • Alice Scott storage tin
  • 'Best in Show'
  • Length 19.5cm, Width 15.5cm, Height 7.5cm
  • From Elite Tins
£7.99 Read more

Emma Bridgewater Pocket Tins

  • Hinged pocket tins in Emma Bridgewater designs
  • 6 designs to choose from
  • Each tin measures length 9cm, width 8.5cm, height 2.5cm
  • From Elite Tins

Peter Rabbit Small Tin

  • Small rectangular tin in Peter Rabbit design
  • Length 10.5cm, width 7.5cm, height 4cm
  • From Elite Tins
£2.99 Read more

Thornback & Peel Round Cake Tins

  • Set of 3 round cake tins in Rabbit & Cabbage Thornback & Peel design
  • Small: Diameter 19.5cm, Height 9.5cm
  • Medium: Diameter 22.5cm, Height 12cm
  • Large: Diameter 25cm, Height 14.5cm
  • From Elite Tins
£29.99 Add to basket

Phrenology/Palmistry Tins by Temerity Jones

  • Retro style Phrenology/Palmistry design storage tins
  • Small: Height 12cm, Diameter 10cm
  • Large: Height 13cm, Diameter 11cm
  • Great for holding utensils, pen pots & growing herbs
  • From Temerity Jones (TJN0008)
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